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About the Author

Stephen Phillip Monteiro spent over 20 years as a Special Agent with the U.S. Secret Service. He is an expert in security, forensics, intelligence, and bioterrorism and was a member of the elite Presidential Protective Division at the White House.

“A desperate Iraqi scientist is being hunted…

an ex Secret Service agent is his only hope.”

The threat of another biological terrorist attack, a missing Iraqi scientist and an ex-Secret Service agent-all these elements come together in the gripping true story of the “Gray Bird of Baghdad.”

What Readers Are Saying

Here are the reviews of our readers

“Not so long ago, the threat of Iraqi government-sponsored biological terror attacks was part of the daily news cycle. Now, former Secret Service Agent Steve Monteiro provides needed insight – and sets the record straight – in telling the true story of Iraqi microbiologist Thamer Abdul Rahman Imran” ….

—Robert L. Ehrlich Jr., former Governor of Maryland 

“In The Gray Bird of Baghdad, former Secret Service agent Steve Monteiro tells, in stunning intensity, the true story of a near-impossible assignment. He had to find the proverbial needle in the haystack – an Iraqi bio-weapons scientist who did not want to be found – a man fearing retribution from Iraqi authorities, jihadists, and American authorities. Monteiro’s insightful account tells of his growing frustration with having to clear bureaucratic hurdles, one after another”….                       
Alan Brenham, author of Price of Justice

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